Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama in Iraq

ABC World News hosted by Charles Gibson at 6 p.m.  demonstrated the following editing techniques when covering Obama's visit to the Iraq. The piece lasted a little over 2 minutes. There were a series of wide to tight shots of Obama descending from his plane in Iraq as he was greeted by several military officers. 

The editor matched the images that were seen on screen to what the journalist was describing, which is crucial element to completing a video story. 

For instance, the journalist explained that the U.S. troops greeted Obama with a warm welcome and then the screen showed Obama receiving a stand ovation and cheers as he arrived to make a speech.  

The story used appropriate pacing as the story moved forward and even inserted sound bites of Obama's speech to the troops. There was use of natural sound as the voice over completed the story of Obama's trip. 

Overall, the whole piece displayed the proper way to produce a video story. It provided a variety of steady shots, voice-overs, sound bites,  natural sound, sequencing and the necessary pace to continue the story, which made the segment easily to follow and digest.

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