Saturday, April 11, 2009

For Whiners Only

If you are a wine drinker than this recent article may peak your interest. The Washington Post  published an article titled A Leesburg Oasis, which reviewed a new restaurant that specializes in the fine wines that are available. 

The Wine Kitchen is the name of this restaurant that is snuggled in Leesburg Historic District.

Apparently, from the article this small restaurant is booming with business despite the economic conditions. 

The staff writer describes the tight knit ambience. She states that, "As for the seating, let me warn you: It's sparse and eclectic.... There are a few small tables along the wall, and near the front door is a couch with an antique table that four maybe five, people could gather around. At the back of the restaurant are two small tables, plus the stools at the bar."

In addition, the article explains the chef's menu that includes dishes that can work well with the wines that customers are drinking. 

The article continues by critiquing the food  which received a lukewarm review by the staff writer who states that, "As for the food, several standout dishes are great as is; the other selections are good but could be so much better with modifications as simple as a little more time on the heat."

Moreover, the writer did not include or clarify the price range of the dishes, which could have been helpful for readers. Furthermore, the author did not give the price ranges for the various wines, but she did mention that it is cheaper to order a bottle of wine to go. 

Despite those few details that the author left out, I think she gave a good perspective of  the different aspects of the restaurant.

In all, the Wine Kitchen received a thumbs up. It seems like a great place to check out; I only wish that it was a little closer in location.

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