Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beat Blogging

Brainstorming and developing a good school topic for a beat proved to be challenging for me.

I transferred to Towson a year ago and I never felt apart of the community within the university, so I figured doing a beat based on the school would not work out so well.

Since I live in the Bethesda area which is right next door to our nations capital, Washington D.C. I thought a good beat would consist of finding cheap eats and places to see of and around D.C.

I think that this area is great and fun place to explore, and I will try to discover interesting places that most people over look while visiting the area.

1 comment:

jatwater said...

Hi Rozalyn,
I think this sounds like an interesting blog. Just make sure you're doing original reporting and not just reviewing spots in DC. Good luck!