Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Violence Meets Hempstead High Again

Teaching and learning are not the only things happening at Hempstead High School, violence too. Racial tensions appears to be the cause of the latest altercation at the public school. March 9th, Newsday reported the story that ended with eight students being injured in the fight.

The specifics of how and where the affray started is still unclear, however, it seems that those questions are irrelevant. The more pertinent questions are why and what can be done to resolve the apparent issues.

After reading the article, I want to know what the school will do to deal with and resolve the racial divide between the African-American and Hispanic (Latino) communities. It is a ongoing issue that dates back to 2008. So where are the guidance counselors? Are the issues being addressed by the parents and faculty? What plans does the principal have to unite the school? Questions that I would be interested in knowing and hoping to follow in the papers if they make the news again.

I personally do not know why students succumb to violence like its the last resort. It never solves the deep rooted problems that exist among the students. Now I have witnessed a school fight or two, but they never lead to an emergency school closing to prevent jeopardizing the safety of the remaining student body.

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