Sunday, September 7, 2008

Homework Assignment 9/3

A backpack journalists are reporters that carry technological devices such as laptops, audio recorder, and digital cameras to uncover stories from any location. With these electronics readily available, journalist are able to gather information, write, and submit their stories in a rapid and efficient pace. In particular, Jared Silfies always totes his laptop, notpad, writing utensils, USB drives, cell-phone, digital camera, and an Elements of Style book in his bag, so he is always prepared to uncover and report stories in a timely manner. The fact that Jared carries the Elements of Style book with him reveals that he takes his job seriously. I personally have not read the Elements of Style, but it is now an item on my purchase list.
Furthermore, there are numerous of outstanding portfolios that were discussed in class last Wednesday. One portfolio that I liked in particular was Meranda's. She is a education reporter, so I am sure that has to carry her laptop, digital camera, digital audio recorder, USB drive, as well as a pen and pad to be prepared when pursuing a story.

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