Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lawsuit Over Buttons

NYC Teachers file a lawsuit against the city at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan for violation of freedom of speech on Friday. 

The USA Today article, NYC teachers sue to wear political buttons in school, explain that teachers were not permitted by city policy to wear political buttons at school. 

New York City school system is not the only one pushing for faculty to remain politically neutral at school, state universities are also encouraging staff to be impartial like the University of Illinois, University of Oklahoma, Iowa Western Community College and Fresno Pacific University.

With the history making election approaching, many voters want to exercise their right to express support for their candidate. 

Students and other youth are more engaged by this coming election.

So is it wrong for a faculty member to wear a political button? How detrimental is it? Everyone is granted the right to the first amendment. 


Stacy Spaulding said...

Good example of the story summary blog post given on p. 138! Blog writing is a little different from news writing in that we expect to read your opinion on these stories. So opine away!

Abby Campbell said...

Very interesting article and gives just the right amount of information.

Kierra Q. Suggs said...

I like that your paragraphs are short, clear and easy to read.

Michael Keating said...

Those were good questions you asked, iot might have been nice to hear what your answers were